The Lost Pulse

“You girl, I tell you, have the most amazing gift of blending any line into the curve you wish to and bring the life out of it. You are an amazing artist.”


The Gloomy Rose Garden

The lady I loved who now is a woman and a to be mother, not just carries one heart but two inside her flesh and blood; and I can say with her tear drops on the petals of the flower I just plucked, she carries not just two but three, for my heart is still with her.

The Last Letter: Chapter 1

He smiled, his heart content for what he had done. All he dreamt was to spend his life with her, writing stories and driving a Bullet. Little did he expect, he would be watching over the entire city wearing a khaki and saving people while imagining her memories and recalling the words from her last letter, travelling in a commander jeep.

The journey from holding a pen to donning a Khaki wasnโ€™t what he really thought of. But he was pretty sure he would find the man who had destroyed his love and kill him.