Beauty Of Two Bonded Souls.

How magical the feeling truly is, that feeling between two bonded souls.
Added strength, added weakness, a perfect balance to their lives on a whole.

His blank mind, an empty canvas, feels dull until her thoughts color the sense of joy.

Her heart wails, all set to storm tears, like those dark clouds, if she caught any moist in his eyes.

There was a time, where all he could see was her, with his eyes closed. Words started to flow with great force, the tip of his quill was driven by pure love.

Pink crept over her cheeks, as charm in every word carved a place for him in her left, that beautiful feeling she went through was perfectly right, she knew her heart’s under theft.

But things change, nothing remains same, so was his art. Now only remains were spilled ink, scribbled words, torn papers and feeble mind.

He complained every now and then, cried his heart out, as he couldn’t believe his timid word art, the flaw seems to have met him right in the heart.

She never gave up on him, never did she accept he was flawed, she knew that the time is an unconquered master, it plays its game really smart, even the sun looks weakest when its in the west, she always insisted him to follow the thing under his chest.

How beautiful this truly is, that strength between two bonded souls.

When love meets life, every pain soothes, every hurt cures, every heart beats till the last.

Β© The Heartbroken Quill


25 thoughts on “Beauty Of Two Bonded Souls.

  1. Two bonded souls…what an intense emotion behind these words…when time, distance, even destiny cannot break the indestructible bond. I read your article and imagined the wonderful heart behind it, a heart that knows the pain as much as it knows love, a heart that, even in its brokenness still shines brightly…That’s how touching, beautiful and strong are your words…
    Thank you for sharing your inner voice with the world. And thank you for following my blog, I’m honored and grateful more than my words could express.
    Blessing of Love and Light upon you,

    Liked by 1 person

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