The Gloomy Rose Garden



His Version:

And finally, ten months later, when I saw her, she wasn’t a lady anymore.
I quickened my pace to reach her.

Womanhood made its way into her life, as she carefully took steps one after the other, her arms around her swollen belly, I wondered, the lady who was madly in love with me but married someone else is now a woman carrying a life inside her.
That could have been my child in her womb, but it’s alright. The sound of the word ‘Dad’ would still sound sweet by any child owned by her, for I had already owned her, every thing she owns belong to me.

“Can I talk to you, Ananya?”

I said as I saw her for the first time in the last 10 months; though her images would knock my dreams every night, reality was different altogether. But she was reluctant.

It wasn’t easy for me to go up to a married woman who was my girl friend but now somebody else’s wife and ask if she’s still in love with me.

Ten months of my life without her wasn’t easy. My mirror always showed a new version of myself everyday. The bruises would sometimes make their marks on face, and sometimes on body. Without her, punishing myself is where I found repentance, for I was the reason behind our parting.

“Can we please talk? Just for a moment!”

The beautiful rose garden in the park was appealing as she stood watching them. From a few steps away, I just stared into the abyss.

I pleaded but only to find her turn her back towards me every time I asked.
She made her way towards a bench under a tree and sat, sipping a bottle full of water and breathing heavily.

Why didn’t she want to speak? Did I become a stranger in a span of ten months? Or did she really forget me? Or did she think I might think ill of her if she admitted that she still has those pure feelings for me?

“Leave her alone, Aatif, it isn’t our culture to marry a married woman!”
My friend said from behind.

I looked at him, fighting back my tears.

“It’s better you let go of that woman. She is happily married and is about to have a child in the near future. There is no point even if she loves you back. She will have a baby very soon and what will the child even call you if you both get married? Will you really treat that new born as your child?”

“That baby will be my kid. I still love her and just because she is pregnant, my feelings for her would never change.”


“Allah has not made for a man two hearts in his interior. And He has not made your wives whom you declare unlawful your mothers. And he has not made your adopted sons your [true] sons. That is [merely] your saying by your mouths, but Allah says the truth, and He guides to the [right] way.”


Adil recited a verse from islam just to enlighten me with the fact that adoption is not legal according to Quran.

I walked towards the rose garden where she stood and plucked a flower.

The lady I loved who now is a woman and a to be mother, not just carries one heart but two inside her flesh and blood; and I can say with her tear drops on the petals of the flower I just plucked, she carries not just two but three, for my heart is still with her.

Her Version:

I saw him coming towards me, his eyes fixed upon me and the swiftness in his walk scared me; scared me that despite the fact I had already married someone else, I would run back to him into his arms.

“Can I talk to you, Ananya?”

I heard those words from him. The vibrations from his tone were enough to cause an eruption of emotions in my heart.

Ten long months seemed ten very long years and his words stirred tears, I walked away so he wouldn’t catch my wet eyes.

It was painful, having lived with someone else after marriage and the touch wouldn’t feel the same and the kiss wouldn’t taste the same.

I do understand, he still is madly in love with me but what could I have done? Run back to him? I am soon going to be a mother.

I stood at the rose garden where I stand every day. Often the beauty of the rose gets all the attention but little do people notice the thorns that come along. Beauty and comfort get all the admiration and the worst is often ignored.

“Can we please talk? Just for a moment!”

I could sense the pain in his words. I am beginning to feel vulnerable.
Fall prey for that one moment and the consequence would be the worst beyond imagination; and that made me walk away.

Making my way towards my regular spot at the bench I sat down and sipped water and saw him still standing at the rose garden which is a few meters away.

Adil made his way and they both were talking and I decided to leave; decided to leave before he could notice those tears I left on the rose petals as I saw him moving near the garden.

It was tough. I have a life to live now and that’s very much different. I decided I wouldn’t give a miserable life to my baby because of religious conflicts that actually parted us way long back. I decided to leave from the spot before he would come back running to me and notice the absence of Sindoor near my hair parting and the bindi on my forehead. I am scared he would try to colour it back, for my husband and the sacred Sindoor, both were stolen off from me by fate which Aatif wasn’t aware of.

Β© The Heartbroken Quill


16 thoughts on “The Gloomy Rose Garden

      1. It’s soo deep and beautiful… I have tear right now… we can only imagine their pain…. If this was Arjun Reddy climax I would love it… I thought they felt happy ending is necessary and just made it up when audience we’re ready to see him start a new life…

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